3 Medallas Sauvignon Blanc
Afl 11.00
Afl 55.00
3 Medallas Cabernet Sauvingnon Afl 11.00 Afl 55.00
3 Medallas Chardonnay Afl 11.00 Afl 55.00




White Zifandel
Afl 11.00
Moscato Afl 11.00  
Pink Moscato Afl 11.00  
Sperone Prosecco Afl 11.00 Afl 50.00






Sperone Prosecco
Afl 10.00
Afl 50.00
Daluca Prosecco, Italy Afl 13.00 Afl 65.00
Lunetta Prosecco, Italy Afl 14.00 Afl 70.00
Alberto Nani Organic Prosecco, Italy Afl 16.00 Afl 80.00
Marques de Caceres Brut Cava, Spain Afl 15.00 Afl 55.00





3 Medallas Sauvignon Blank Terra
Afl 11.00
Afl 11.00
Noble Sauvignon Blanc Afl 11.00 Afl 55.00
Alma Mora Sauvignon Blanc Afl 11.00 Afl 55.00
Moscato Afl 11.00 Afl 70.00
White Zinfandel Afl 11.00 Afl 70.00
Wente Morning Fog' Chardonnay, California Afl 18.00 Afl 85.00
Kendall-Jackson Avant Unoaked, California   Afl 95.00
Dr. Konstantin Frank Semi-Dry   Afl 90.00
Riesling, New York   Afl 90.00
Love Block Sauvignon Blanc   Afl 90.00







Afl 9.00
Minuty Afl 14.00 Afl 70.00
Moscato Afl 16.00 Afl 65.00





Hobnob Pinot Noir, Fr.
Afl 16.00
Afl 80.00
Meiomi Pinot Noir   Afl 110.00
Wente 'Sandstone' Merlot, Cal Afl 10.00 Afl 50.00
Terra Noble Merlot   Afl 70.00
Alma Mora Malbec Afl 14.00 Afl 55.00
Alma Mora Cabernet Sauvignon   Afl 105.00
689 Red Blend Napa, Cal.   Afl 105.00
Apothic Red Winemaker's Blend Afl 14.00 Afl 80.00


Patio Sprits
Afl 16.50
Rambo the Mulle Afl 21.00
Rum Fashioned Afl 18.00
Ancholada Afl 14.00




Key Lime Pie Martini
Afl 21.50
Cucumber-Rosemary Gin & Tonic Afl 16.00
The South Side - Gin Aviation 1 Afl 17.00



Monumental Sangria


Serves Approximately 9 Glasses

Afl 108.00


Tropical Sangria


Serves Approximately 10 Glasses

Afl 115.00

By the Glass

Monumental Sangria

13.50 AWG

Tropical Sangria

11.50 AWG



Corona Extra
Afl 7.00
Coronita Afl 5.50
Balashi Afl 6.00
Balashi Chill
Afl 6.00
Magic Mango Afl 5.50
Heineken BTL Afl 7.00
Heineken Draft
Afl 6.50
Heineken 0,0 Afl 6.00
Stella Afl 7.00
Amstel Bright
Afl 7.00
Coke/Sprite/Soda Afl 3.00
Juices Afl 3.50




Old Parr
Afl 11.00
Dewars 12 Afl 10.00
Belvedere Vodka Afl 10.00
Greygoose Vodka Afl 11.00
Absolut Vodka Afl 9.00
Tito's Vodka Afl 11.50
Bacardi Rum Afl 8.50
Ron Diplomatico Afl 14.00
Reserva Exclusiva Afl 12.00
Papiamento Aruba Reserve Afl 18.00
Captain Morgan Afl 13.00
Fireball Shot Afl 13.00
Tequila Rose Afl 13.00
Patron Silver Afl 14.00
Jose Cuervo Afl 11.00



Afl 11.00
Grand Marnier Afl 12.00
Kahlua Afl 11.00
Bailey's Afl 12.00
Cointreau Afl 13.00
Disanoro Afl 12.00
Aviation Gin Afl 14.00
Gun Powder Gin Afl 13.00
Canaima Gin Afl 13.00
Jagermeister Afl 13.00
Mojito (Regular or Strawberry) Afl 13.00


Watermelo Feta Pizza
Watermelo Feta PizzaAfl 11.00
Greek Cheese / Balsamic Drizzle & Yerbi Hole
Caribbean Lobster Salad
Caribbean Lobster SaladAfl 17.00
Traditional Home Potato Salad With Caribbean Rock Lobster
Olives 2 Ways
Olives 2 WaysAfl 11.00
Marinated Olives / Tapenade With Local Pan Chips
Devilled Eggs
Devilled EggsAfl 7.00
A Local party Favorite With Twist by Adding Avocado Cream & Bacon
Vegan Ceviche
Vegan CevicheAfl 7.50
Made with Cauliflower, MUshrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, Advocado & More
Mini Cheese Board
Mini Cheese BoardAfl 18.00
Selected Cheeses & Meats with Dragon Fruit & Pico de Gallo


Keeshi Yena Taco
Keeshi Yena TacoAfl 11.00
A Funchi Tortilla Topped with Gouda Cheese & Chicken Filling
Salt Fish Sushi Roll
Salt Fish Sushi RollAfl 9.00
Flour Tortilla with Fried Plantain, Pickled Onions & Yerb'i Hole Tartar
Conch Fritters
Conch Fritters Afl 18.00
Caramalized Lemons Topped with Conch Fritters & Spicy Madame Jeanette Sauce
Patio's Spam Slider
Patio's Spam SliderAfl 10.00
Crunchy Fried Spam with Fried Edd (Hard or Soft) & Plantain with Madame Jeanette Sauce
Island Jerk Pork Belly
Island Jerk Pork BellyAfl 7.00
Papaya Mint Relish on a Jerk Glazed Pork Belly
Coconut Chrimps Mango Shots
Coconut Chrimps Mango ShotsAfl 10.00
A Shotglass with 3 Coconut Shrimps with a Mango Palmera Shot
Kala Fritters
Kala FrittersAfl 7.00
Black Eyed Peas Fritted with a Chipotle Aioli Dip
Mahi Mahi Pan Batti Pizza
Mahi Mahi Pan Batti PizzaAfl 12.00
Aruban Pancake with Fried Fish (Mahi Mahi) & Yerb'i Hole Tartar
Chicken & Waffle
Chicken & WaffleAfl 8.00
Double Fried Mini Drumstick with Maple Bacon Glaze
Mini Crispy Saco
Mini Crispy SacoAfl 10.00
Local Favorite: Fried Chicken, Ribs, Pork, Potato, Plantain & Famous mini Johnny Cake
Juicy Chicken Wings
Juicy Chicken WingsAfl 10.00
Choose them Naked or Breaded 6 Pieces (Fried)
Lobster Mac & Cheese Cupcake
Lobster Mac & Cheese CupcakeAfl 18.00
Rock Lobster with Mac & Cheese in a Cupcake Shape
Fried Mac n' Cheese Balls
Fried Mac n' Cheese BallsAfl 9.00
Cheesy & Crispy Fried With Sundried Tomato Chili Dip


Tenderloin Tips
Tenderloin TipsAfl 14.00
Seasoned Tenderloin with Chimichurry Ayoli
Chicken Sate Pincho
Chicken Sate PinchoAfl 7.00
Chicken Sate with our Famous Peanut Sauce
Escargot & Mushrooms
Escargot & MushroomsAfl 11.00
Escargot & Portobello Ragout
Spicy Meatballs
Spicy MeatballsAfl 8.00
Delicious Meat Balls in a 4 Cheese Sauce
Papas Bravas
Papas BravasAfl 6.00
Creoled Potatoes with Sauted Onions & Yerbi Hole Dip
Funchi of Fries with Truffle Mayo
Funchi of Fries with Truffle MayoAfl 7.50
Choose either Funchi or French Fries with Truffle Mayo


Pistacho Eruption
Pistacho EruptionAfl 10.00
Pistacho Eruption
Brownie with Vainilla
Brownie with VainillaAfl 10.00
Brownie with Vainilla
Prices in AWG - $ Conversion 1.80
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